Tootie and Tallulah’s opened in October 2010 under the ownership of Jeri Brand and Sally Crosthwaite, who you can find at the shop most everyday. After much thought and inspiration, Jeri and Sally decided that a shop like this was something that the area needed and Berkley seemed like the perfect fit. Their common interest in local art, repurposed items, and Fair Trade goods was a uniting aspect for these women to open a shop of this caliber.

We are constantly asked about how the store name was derived.

The simple answer is that Tootie is Sally and Tallulah is Jeri.

The full story is as follows: Tootie is the nickname that Sally and her husband have fondly called each other for years. It only seemed right to incorporate that fun name into such a fun new store. Fittingly, we discovered that Tallulah is the Gaelic word for lady and we thought that the combination had a bright and unforgettable ring to it.

  • SundayCLOSED
  • MondayCLOSED
  • Tuesday10am - 6pm
  • Wednesday10am - 6pm
  • Thursday10am - 7pm
  • Friday10am - 6pm
  • Saturday10am - 5pm

2816 Coolidge, Berkley, Michigan 48072
p 248.850.7637



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